12 May 2021, Geneva, Switzerland - The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is delighted to announce its innovative partnership with CEU San Pablo (CEU) University of Madrid. Kickstarting the partnership is the International Professionals Programme (IPP), which aims to bring students closer to a first professional experience with the United Nations.

This unique initiative is designed as a UNITAR in-career curriculum, offered to CEU San Pablo’s Bachelor students. The exclusive programme aims to provide students with an in-career curriculum, offered to CEU San Pablo’s Bachelor students. It provides students with first-hand experience in International Law, Diplomatic Practice, and International Skills; enhancing potential to gain access to a professional career in the United Nations as well as in other international organizations.

This innovative project finds relevance in the dramatic shift in the landscape of multilateral diplomacy and international cooperation over the past decade. Changes in climate crisis awareness, technology, globalization, and socioeconomics, coupled with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, have made the world more precarious. Given these developments, it is of paramount importance that future leaders gain an adequate skillset to address these global issues and be able to communicate ideas and policies to a wide variety of demographics. Currently, there is an estimated 1.8 billion people, aged 10 to 24, which is the largest generation of youth in human history, and these numbers are envisioned to grow exponentially.  Youth increasingly contribute to innovative solutions, driving social progress and inspiring political initiatives. In this regard, it is pivotal for UNITAR to partner with leading universities to promote the Sustainable Development Goals in Curriculum and Research.

This programme targets Bachelor students from the first to their fourth year of their bachelor’s degree, offering increasingly challenging courses ranging from Public and Cultural Diplomacy to thematic areas such as Law, Human Rights and the Environment. In the student’s final year, the programme will help develop their diplomatic and soft skills through a hands-on Executive Diploma as well as a UN Internship Preparation programme, which focuses closely on the practical capacities needed to perform in a United Nations context at the onset of their careers.

Further information on the specific programme components can be found at the UNITAR – CEU International Professional Programme page.

About CEU San Pablo University

CEU San Pablo University is ranked 6th among the best universities in Spain and first among Spanish private universities in terms of investment in merit, academic excellence scholarships, and financial aid. The University’s goal is to leave no student without the possibility to study, regardless of their economic status, thus contributing to the achievement of SDG 4 in providing quality education. In tandem with UNITAR’s mission, CEU San Pablo University has successfully demonstrated to be a leading institution, resilient to fast-changing environments. In 2020, Blackboard honoured CEU San Pablo University in the category of “Leading the change” for its work in pursuit of innovation and excellence. The former is a leading educational organisation focusing on technology, teaching, and student involvement, which awards institutions that implement practices and technologies to improve learning results, students’ performance, and their academic progress.

CEU San Pablo University is committed to a model of academic excellence and comprehensive student training. With this partnership, UNITAR and CEU San Pablo University will not only prepare their students to become outstanding professionals in the international relations field but, more importantly, persons of integrity, receiving the best education from the most prestigious experts within the United Nations.

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