Photo / Arab Youth Center

29-31 August 2021, Abu Dhabi, UAE – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) successfully hosted a three-day online workshop on the topics "Assertiveness & Influencing" and "Public & Digital Diplomacy." This workshop was conducted in partnership with the Arab Youth Center’s “Young Arab Diplomatic Leaders” program in Abu Dhabi.

The program aims to familiarize young Arab figures with diplomatic culture, helping them engage in international discussions about topics like the environment, economy, and media in the convergence and the rapid growth witnessed by the Arab World.

UNITAR was pleased to virtually welcome 42 junior-mid career diplomats from Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Iraq.

The first component of the UNITAR training gave participants the opportunity to explore assertiveness and persuasion techniques by looking at the various ways to influence people, how to adopt tactics of listening and questioning and to become more assertive without becoming hostile.

On the second and third days of the training, the topic of Public Diplomacy in the digital age became the topic of interest. During these days, participants learned negotiation aspects of digital diplomacy and ways to include essential online skills into the daily work as diplomatic leaders.

Through the active discussions with the experts Jérôme Lhost and Shaun Riordan and each other, participants honed their diplomatic technical skills and exchanged best practices of diplomacy.

UNITAR looks forward to continuing this fruitful partnership with the Arab Youth Center.

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