1 June 2021, Geneva, Switzerland – Post-COVID workspaces involve interconnectedness from around the world. Thanks to resilience, creativity, and innovation, we have overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic. Alongside this global realignment, UNITAR adapted its professional and learning solutions to ensure quality content delivery, regardless of obstacles.

UNITAR offers education resources to bring professionals together in any environment. With this goal in mind, after a year-long hiatus to reframe the programme, UNITAR is delighted to announce that the Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice (6th edition) has returned. Through this course, we aim to provide diplomats, businesspeople, and other participants the tools to excel in creating effective solutions at the international level and scaling the challenges and new realities of the 21st century.

“The programme provides participants with a broad suite of skills that are highly relevant for [their] work and career” - Jouni Heiskanen, Director of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki

In order to address the evolving nature of the workplace after COVID-19, we have honed these courses even further. With the option to take 3 modules online and 5 in-person in Geneva, Switzerland, or all 8 online in exceptional cases, our newest Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice has been cultivated to provide the maximum amount of flexibility necessary to ensure quality content delivery regardless of any obstacles we may be presented in the modern age. This structure allows participants the options to excel in the ways which work best for them, whether this means working face-to-face or working remotely. Therefore, the Executive Diploma is a precious opportunity for participants to increase their global network and career opportunities while learning with practitioners from different cultures and worldviews, in any capacity which works best for them as learners and as professionals.

The programme will launch in November 2021 and will continue until August 2022. During this time, alongside innovations in content delivery and flexibility are staple courses that have been seen and successful throughout the course of past Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice, such as modules on stakeholder engagement, diplomatic protocol, and public speaking. Through this, UNITAR provides the quality content for which it is known that is relevant and necessary to excel in the post-pandemic workplace we see before us.

Our selected course facilitators are experts in the fields of international relations, diplomatic practice and international law from both academic and international circles, including practitioners from both within and outside of the UN system. All of them have been specifically selected to create the most engaging and applicable content possible, ensuring that the Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice is well-suited for the adaptable, resourceful professionals it serves.

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