17 July 2020, Baku, Azerbaijan - The Programme on “Capacity Building in Nigeria’s Oil & Gas Industry” was created by UNITAR’s Division for People and its Nigeria Project Office, in partnership with Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), and with the support of the Nigerian Government. The project, launched in 2019, brought 7 young Nigerian students to Baku, Azerbaijan, to pursue Bachelor’s degrees in a 4-year programme at BHOS.

The students – Inyama Somtochukwu Chidinma, Stephen Friday Ukaiwe, Udeh Emmanuel Ebuka, Chukwumela Alexander Ajua, Braide Kingsley, Ekanem Umoh Friday, and Samuel Birigbo - will aquire theoretical knowledge, practical learnings, and transferable skills and graduate with Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering, in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

The Programme ultimately aims to create new opportunities in their future professional careers, which will, in-turn, support the creation of a stronger labour force in Nigeria and evolve the job market. In addition to attending the regular academic programme, the students are also involved in several extra-curricular activities, diversifying their experience and allowing for inter-cultural exchange. 

Students of Baku Higher Oil School perform operetta ‘If Not That One, Then This One’ at the State Opera and Ballet Theatre in Baku on 23 October 2019


Notably, the group contributed to the production of a video showcasing the international character of the University and Emmanuel has actively contributed to sporting events and competitions, representing BHOS. In addition, four of the students, Inyama Somtochukwu Chidinma, Chukwumela Alexander Ajua, Birigbo Samuel Dumale and Ekanem Umoh Friday all participated in a national legendary operetta “O olmasin, bu olsun” (If Not That One, Then This One). 

Among other students from BHOS, they performed the at the State Opera and Ballet Theatre in Baku. The performance attracted large attendance of representatives from BHOS, including leadership, social and political figures, BHOS academic staff, and BHOS students and their parents, in addition to leaders from national industry.


Somtouchukwu was interviewed on the Russian TV Channel MIR-24, being featured as a role model to other international students in Azerbaijan. She was also a finalist in a singing contest for her performance of the song “Sari Gelin”. Somtouchukwu also supported the creation of a video for introducing a new mobile application called “YouthApp”, which was published through Social Media outlets. 



Somtochukwu and Emmanuel, along with other international students who stayed in Azerbaijan during the COVID-19 outbreak, published a thank you video for those that have been giving them support during the pandemic. 

BHOS Rector, Elmar Gasimov, awarded Somtochukwu for her active participation in the social and cultural life of the university.


Inyama Somtochukwu Chidinma receives an award from BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov for her active participation in the BHOS social life, 3 February 2020

UNITAR’s Division for People and its Nigeria Project Office are looking forward to continuing further implementation and potential expansion of this project together with BHOS and the Nigerian Government.

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