Training trainers has been one of the core activities of UNITAR when it comes to individual and institutional capacity building. Over the years, the experiences and resources accumulated through these activities have been compiled into a toolbox of sorts, that we now call: The Toolbox, A How-To Guide on the Facilitation of Learning. The toolbox is presented as a practice-oriented, easy-to-use repository of knowledge and techniques to support you with the design and delivery of training, covering all aspects of the training cycle. 

The first chapter – How do adults learn? – introduces the principles of adult learning. Chapters two to seven cover the overall instructional process, i.e. the whole approach used to create effective and efficient learning processes. The instructional process is conceived as a framework for developing learning events that:

  • Increase and enhance the possibility of learning;
  • Make the acquisition and retention of knowledge and skills more efficient and effective;
  • Encourage the engagement of learners so that they learn faster and gain deeper levels of understanding.

The toolbox addresses both non-experienced and experienced trainers. If you are new to the field of training, this toolbox will provide you with guidance and structure to get a grasp of the basics of the instructional process. If you are more experienced, you may find particularly useful the tips and tricks presented throughout the pages, the wide variety of methodologies and the various templates.

This resource is now published chapter by chapter in the format of an e-book, in both English and French. To stay tuned for new chapter releases each Monday, follow UNITAR accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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