The OECD, ILO and UNITAR have worked in a partnership since 2002 to support implementation of the GHS, building on their collaboration through the IOMC. The partnership, alongside a coalition of stakeholders including governments, regional economic integration organizations, trade unions, NGOs and the private sector, is seeking to re-energise commitment and scale up implementation of the GHS.

Global GHS commitment

With ICCM5 around the corner, a new approach to fulfilling the call for ambitious action in the GCO-II (UNEP, 2019) on communicating hazards and implementing the GHS is needed. New commitments and strengthened partnerships that encourage and support more countries to implement the GHS in a practical and, as far as possible, consistent manner, including through legislation, is key to meeting this call to action. ICCM5 provides an ideal opportunity to advance and announce a collective and sustained commitment to implement the GHS.

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