Created by the UNITAR New York Office, the Guidelines for United Nations Resolutions aims to assist delegations in the process of preparing draft resolutions and decisions, principally in the General Assembly and the Main Committees, as prescribed in the Charter of the United Nations and the rules of procedure of the General Assembly. 

The rules of procedure of the General Assembly specify the process through which the resolutions and decisions of the Assembly and the Main Committees are to be adopted. 

The present guidelines cover the application of those rules, at every step from drafting, submitting and negotiating to adopting resolutions in the Main Committees, the General Assembly, and other decision-making organs of the United Nations.

The Guidelines for United Nations Resolutions will be presented in the following languages and will be available in print and as an e-book download: 

  • English (Now available!)
  • Spanish (Now available!)
  • French (Now available!)
  • Arabic (Now available!)
  • English-Spanish Bilingual (Print copy only)
  • English-French Bilingual (Print copy only)
  • English-Arabic Bilingual (Print copy only)

Drafting Resolutions Animation

UNITAR is also offering a short animated film depicting the process of drafting and passing a UN resolution:

E-book available here in  EnglishSpanish, Arabic & French,


E-book available here in  EnglishSpanish & French,



Single language print editions: $10 USD (50% Discount for the e-BOOK)

Bilingual print editions: $30 USD

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