The Master of Science in International Management at Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) is a one-year graduate program for students with any kind of Bachelor’s degree, designed to equip them with a rigorous education in business. By taking a transdisciplinary approach firmly established in the liberal arts tradition of FUS, this customizable program offers cutting-edge management training rooted in personalized teaching that bridges theory and practice through multiple institutional partnerships. Students acquire expertise in specific disciplinary areas: Arts and Luxury Management, Digital Transformation, and Business and Sustainability.

The Master of Science in International Management at FUS, in collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), offers all graduate students a specific course on sustainability, analyzing the work of a UN agency.


During the Fall semester and January term, students will learn leadership and management in a participatory and collaborative setting. Faculty and instructors, many of whom are pioneers in their spheres of competence, share their expertise with students. During the first two weeks of the Fall semester, students will also undertake 4 pre-courses, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills before starting the Foundation Courses.

In the Spring semester, students can choose one of the three academic tracks – Arts and Luxury Management, Digital Transformation, Business and Sustainability – and will immerse themselves in common and specialized track courses, allowing them to enhance their expertise under the guidance of field experts.

During the Summer, students will deepen their expertise through a six-week practical experience in collaboration with different Franklin’s partners, including the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). This term will allow students to develop the skills necessary to be competitive in their fields.

Students will also be challenged to write and present a capstone thesis, to be defended by mid-July, under the supervision of the Franklin faculty.


This participative and collaborative curriculum is designed to provide students with an intensive path of study that gives them a strong background in leadership, creates situations that build experience in collaboration and project management, and launches the next phase of their career through working on real ongoing projects. Each of the courses and workshops in the program is a facet of a complete perspective that will help you to be an effective agent of innovation.

See the full curriculum for an updated course list.

Practical Experience and Employability

Selecting the Business and Sustainability track enables graduates to enrich their CVs with practical experience gained directly through collaboration with the United Nations. This Master's program offers a unique opportunity to engage with top professionals and entrepreneurs. Upon completing the UNITAR component, students will join a project team from a UN agency, working hands-on on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program immerses students in culturally diverse environments, fostering skills in multi-stakeholder collaboration on an international scale. It challenges them to devise practical, sustainable solutions for pressing issues faced by industries, governments, and NGOs.

Faculty and Instructors

The FUS Master of Science program in International Management has an exceptional faculty, composed of esteemed professors who bring an unparalleled, diverse level of expertise and a commitment to experiential learning. The faculty members at FUS are renowned for their extraordinary teaching abilities, cutting-edge research, and extensive industry experience. View the individual profiles below for more detailed information about faculty areas of expertise.

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For more information including the current tuition rate and the application process, please refer to the information provided by Franklin University Switzerland.

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