Dr. Jaime V. Altamirano

US Centers for Disease Control, Former Associate Director of Science (OADS)

Jaime V. Altamirano, MD,. MPH. O.P., hails from Cuenca, Ecuador and has years of experience in medicine and surgery, as well as public health. He is a qualified Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cuenca in Ecuador, and also holds a Master in Public Health degree from the University of Texas and a Post Doctorate Fellowship in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan.  

He has been a Medical Epidemiologist for the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the Division of HIV Prevention within the Capacity Building Branch for over two decades, and has also served as an Epidemiologist for the Michigan Health Department. Bridging practice and education, he was the Coordinator of Health Education Programs for the City of Houston for a period of two years.  

Dr. Altamirano has been committed to developing capacities in different sectors for the Latin American Community. He is the Founder of Casa de la Cultura Hispana Americana (CCHA), and served as the organization’s President for five years. He has also served as the Founder-Executive Director of the Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce for a period of 2 years, and was the Founder and Program Director of Latin Steps Services (Latin America Humanitarian assistance) for a decade and a half. He was also a Co-Founder and Program Director, for three years, of “MEREPA Inc.” which provides humanitarian assistance to Africa.  

Dr. Altamirano is also a prolific writer. He has authored several articles and publications on medicine and public health, including the ‘Social Behavior Modification Model’ which has been applied to HIV prevention practices.He is also a renowned author of many faith-based books, like “Those Angels Called Humans”.

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