Youth without Borders Organization for Development and UNITAR sign a Memorandum of Understanding to promote youth and women’s leadership across the humanitarian-peacebuilding-development triple-nexus in Yemen. 

14th July 2022, Geneva, Switzerland - Youth without Borders Organization for Development (YWBOD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Division for Peace of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research  (UNITAR) with the aim of strengthening targeted learning and capacity-building offers in the area of youth and women empowerment, leadership development, civil society support, human rights promotion, security, community resilience, post-conflict reconciliation, social entrepreneurship and business innovation, and peacebuilding, development and humanitarian action. YWBOD’s leading role in supporting Yemeni youth and harnessing peacebuilding platforms and accessing local grass-root networks, combined with UNITAR’s wide expertise and experiences in providing innovative learning solutions, will undoubtedly better prepare changemakers across Yemen to help their communities on their path to peacemaking and sustainable development.  

Founded in 2013, Youth without Borders Organization for Development is working on building an enabling environment for youth, and empowering young men and women in Yemen through targeted capacity building programmes that answer to the needs of the Yemeni youth. From the premise that young persons’ role is a key for peacebuilding in Yemen, and in order to localise the Youth, Peace and Security agenda, YWBOD works with local and international partners to increase the impact and effectiveness of the role of youth in decision making and peace processes. 

At the present stage, the UNITAR Youth and Women Empowerment team is building synergies with YWBOD to develop rich and sustainable capacity building interventions and to strengthen the support to youth and women leaders in Yemen. The synergetic experiences of UNITAR and YWBOD will bring together thematic and organisational knowledge, access to local networks, and track-records of successful delivery of projects and programmes to create opportunities to build bridges, mend divisions in local communities, and support the efforts of young activists to achieve peace. Such a joint action between UNITAR and YWBOD will further support enablers of youth- and women-led changemaking as an engine to foster peacemaking, peacebuilding, development, and reconciliation, in accordance with the Youth, Peace and Security and Women, Peace and Security agendas. 

In a constant search for excellence in action and innovation, UNITAR is honoured to welcome YWBOD as an official partner of the Institute in Yemen. We are optimistic that the partnership will have a positive impact on youth and women, and are looking forward to a longstanding collaboration for a more just, inclusive, and peaceful Yemen for all. 

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