UN CC:Learn’s 100k Challenge: 100,000 Stories for Climate Action

September 2020 - UN CC:Learn is celebrating the issuance of its 100,000th certificate of course completion. It is a remarkable milestone in its mission to improve climate literacy around the world. But we do not want this achievement to be forgotten in a couple of weeks or months. We want the occasion to be remembered and to have lasting, meaningful impact.

That is why we are issuing all UN CC:Learn alumni with the: 100,000 STORIES FOR CLIMATE ACTION CHALLENGE.

Behind each of these 100,000 certificates, there lies a story. For some, it could be a story of the pursuit for knowledge. For others, it could be a story about a journey of change. Each one of us has a story to tell, and today we want to hear YOURS.

It is an opportunity to add your voice to the climate cause and to inspire others. And collectively we hope to generate a force for climate action drawing in many others, through the power of learning.

If you are an UN CC:Learn alumini, join the challenge today and tell us about the actions that you have been inspired to take.

Why should I take the challenge?

All of the stories that are submitted will be compiled, recorded, and showcased visually on the UN CC:Learn website and via UN CC:Learn’s social media channels.

The TEN best stories will be selected and featured on the UNITAR website and at the next climate change meetings due to be held in Glasgow, United Kingdom in November 2021.

The authors of these TEN best stories will also receive a unique certificate which certifies them as a UN CC:Learn Champion.

When can I take the Challenge?

The challenge closes at midnight on Sunday 18th October 2020.

What should my story be about?

Get to know more about the challenge and how to submit your story through our official page on the UN CC:Learn website.

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