UNITAR and UNSD launched their new data tool StaTact during an official side event of the HLPF2018 on 11 July 2018 in New York. The side event featured experiences of the three pilot countries and was opened by UNITAR Executive Director Mr. Nikhil Seth and Director of UN Statistics Division Mr. Stefan Schweinfest.

StaTact is a tactical tool enabling data producers and data users to discuss pressing data gaps and develop a short-term, realistic action plan to address them. The tool has been used over the past six months by 15 pilot countries, including 13 African and Asian LDCs and one SIDS country. StaTact provides a five-stage analytical and action planning framework and a methodology for a multi-stakeholder dialogue. It aims to leverage low-hanging fruits, primarily related to governance and institutional arrangements for data ecosystems as well as some easy to solve data production challenges to address SDG-relevant measurement gaps.

While talking about the relevance of the StaTact at the side event, UN Statistics Director Stefan Schweinfest noted:

It is time for me to move from Mr. SDG Indicator to Mr. Capacity. To bring about a true Data Revolution, we would need to work on strengthening human, technical, governance and institutional capacities.

While launching the UNITAR-UNSD StaTact at 2018 HLPF, UNITAR Executive Director Nikhil Seth explained:

What is needed is better partnerships as well as strengthened capacities for National Statistical Offices and non-traditional data producers as well as data users to work together to ensure timely and quality data for developing robust policies and taking smart decisions.

Mr. Iwan Sno, Director of the Federal Bureau of Statistics of Suriname and one of the country presenters, has commended the tool for its usefulness with regards to the sensitization of major producers and users and improved communication between them, as well as a quick assessment of gaps in producing indicators within selected frameworks. Suriname has identified roadmaps as a result of the workshop on addressing a number of key measurement gaps, one of them being the need for an earlier release of the GDP.

The event was attended by around 45 participants, and a positive feedback has been provided by a number of participants from the room, incl. statistical community, policy-makers involved in the VNRs and business representatives.


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