UNITAR established its Hiroshima Office in 2003, in response to the desire of the people and authorities in Hiroshima to contribute more actively to global peace and development. The Hiroshima Office has an inherent strength in the areas of peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction and disarmament, as well as the broader themes in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense hardship across the globe. Important progress in key areas of need has been regrettably reversed. Marginalized and traditionally under-represented peoples – in particular, women, LGBTQ+, youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, refugees and displaced peoples – have been disproportionally affected. While estimates vary, we can reasonably conclude that tens of millions to possibly over 100 million more people will be pushed into extreme poverty this year and throughout the next decade. Now more than ever, we need to meet growing global needs effectively and efficiently as we continue to drive toward our goal of sustainability for all.

With staff in Hiroshima, as well as field staff located across the world, our reach is global. We deliver critical training and support to participants from more than 90 countries. 

On behalf of the Hiroshima Office, I thank you for your interest and hope that you will join us in support of our vital mission. Working together, we can make meaningful progress in building the next generation of change-makers and move closer to achieving international peace.

Mihoko Kumamoto

Director, Division for Prosperity

Director, Hiroshima Office

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