After being tasked on Kyrgyzstan at the beginning of the incidents involving civilian population, UNOSAT has been working steadily at mapping the various areas of priority interest to the international humanitarian community to help assess the extent of the damage caused and the population at risk.

The maps and the analytical reports (a total of 10 products at the time of writing) are being disseminated directly to user organisations which include UN and NGO entities, who in turn use the results of UNOSAT assessment to shape their response on the ground as well advocate for humanitarian relief to assist the population.


ABOVE: detail of the latest UNOSAT analytical report over the city of Osh, released on 1 July

Both the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Amnesty International have used UNOSAT analysis results in their public outreach in relation to the Kyrgyz crisis.

To see the press releases from the two organizations follow the links below:

To see UNOSAT maps and reports publicly available on internet, click HERE