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Product ID: 841 - English
Published: 18 Aug, 2008
GLIDE: FL-2008-000131-LAO

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PDF (2.0MB)     - Static viewing and printing
PDF (5.0MB)    - Static viewing and printing

Base map of the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR) showing provinces, places, airports, roads, railroads, sea ports, dam sites, World Heritage Sites, wetlands sites, caves, rapids/waterfalls, national parks or protected areas, lakes and rivers.

Map scale: 1:500,000 for A1 print
Projection: UTM Zone 48N
Datum: WGS 1984
GIS Data: GIST, NGA, UNOSAT, Nelles-Verlag
Map Production: UNOSAT (30 January 2007).
Re-posted: 18 August 2008