Product ID: 727 - English
Published: 9 Jun, 2006
GLIDE: EQ-2006-000064-IDN

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Atlas of Jetis town and vicinity is constituted of 6 maps, from high details Quick Bird derived near natural colour image acquired after the earthquake that occured on 26 My 2006.
These 6 maps can also be downloaded separately (Jetis town and vicinity map sheets 4A to 5C)
Date of image acquisition: 31 May 2006
Scale: 1:5,000 for A3 hardcopy printing
Projection: UTM zone 49 South
Datum: WGS 1984
Atlas created: 13 June 2006, version 1.2
Elevation data: SRTM (90 m)
Image: Quick Bird, Copyrights Digital Global, distribution Eurimage 2006
Vector data: PUSDATA, NASA, US Government, ITOS/GIST and NGA
Data processing and map production: UNOSAT