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Product ID: 717 - English
Published: 9 Jun, 2006
GLIDE: EQ-2006-000064-IDN

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PDF (918.8Kb)     - Static viewing and printing
PDF (4.5MB)    - Static viewing and printing

Left side: LANDSAT data with populated places

Right side: Lahar hazard map. The deposition zone represents those area likely to accumulate ashes and volcanic debris remobilized downslope as lahars after heavy rainfall. This zone was estimated using MRVBF model developed by Gallant J.C. and Dowling T.I. (2002)

Scale: 1:550,000 for A3 hardcopy printing
Projection: UTM zone 49 South
Datum: WGS 1984

Map created: 9 June 2006, version 3.0
Image sources: LANDSAT 7, SRTM
Data sources: NASA, USGS, Europa Technologies, Department Pekerjaan Umum, Global Insight, Landscan 2002, MRVBF model

Image processing and map production: UNOSAT