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Published: 7 May, 2018
GLIDE: FL20180501SOM

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This map illustrates satellite-detected flood water extent over the district of Belet Weyne, Hiraan region, Somalia using a SAR image from 06 May 2018 and an optical VHR image over Beledweyne town. More than 2800 km2 of lands were assessed and about 19,000 ha (190km2) appear to be inundated which corresponds to about to about 7% of the total analysed zone. In this analysed area and according to WorldPop data the population is estimated to ~126,000 people, ~ 32,000 live in the flooded zone and about 70,000 within 100 meters distance from the flooded areas. It is likely that flood waters have been systematically underestimated along highly vegetated areas along main river banks and within built-up urban areas because of the special characteristics of the satellite data used. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR UNOSAT.
Satellite Data: Radarsat-2
Imagery Dates: 06 May 2018
Resolution: 6 m
Copyright: MacDonald, Dettwiler and
Associates Ltd.(2018) - All Rights Reserved
Source: KSAT
Satellite Data: GeoEye-1
Imagery Dates: 30 April 2018
Resolution: 50 cm
Copyright: DigitalGlobe, Inc
Source: Department of State,
Humanitarian Information Unit, NextView License
Pre-flood water: Landsat-8
Pre-flood date: 21 December 2013
Copyright: USGS
Source: USGS
Waterways: FAO
Administrative boundaries: UNDP & UNOCHA
Settlements: UNOCHA
Population Data:Worldpop
Analysis/Production : UNITAR - UNOSAT