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Published: 31 Mar, 2011
GLIDE: CE-2010-001201-SDN

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This analysis shows the settlements of Maker Awat, Tajalei, Todach, and Wungok in the volatile Abyei region of Sudan before and after reported attacks. Mutliple very high resolution satellite images spanning 12 February to 6 March 2011 were acquired and analyzed for evidence of arson and other indicators. Analysis indicates almost 64% of all visible structures in the settlements were burned in the series of attacks, with 89% of the structures in Tajalei apparently destroyed.
Satellite Imagery: WorldView-2
Resolution: 50cm
Imagery Date: 12 February 2011 - 3 March 2011
Source: European Space Imaging
Copyright: DigitalGlobe
Report Analysis: UNITAR / UNOSAT
Projection: UTM Zone 35N
Datum: WGS 1984
Analysis conducted with ArcGIS