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Published: 14 Feb, 2011
GLIDE: CE-2010-001201-SDN

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ANALYSIS: This is a satellite based qualitative analysis map series showing the most recent development close to Lake Abiad, Sudan. For this analysis four very high resolution images were available, including GeoEye-1 images from the 10 July & 30 September 2010 and 15 January 2011 as well as a most recent WorldView 2 image from the 26 January 2011. During this period two significant observations were made: firstly the development of building structures between the lake and the village and secondly the construction of a larger road.
The focus maps 1 and 2 show areas of building structures which appeared between the 30 September 2010 and 15 January 2011. Approximately 260 new building structures/tents showed up. They are located 200m south of the lake and divided into two sections with a separation of approximately 300m. Each section shows a more or less ordered structure of buildings, which differs greatly from other village areas. Also the density of buildings is high and not comparable to other parts of the village. It is noteworthy that these buildings are not encircled by a fence or within a compound.
A count of already existing buildings (buildings that were visible between the 10 July 2010 and 26 January 2011) in the area resulted in about 890 permanent buildings. Therefore an increase of 260 new buildings is a significant change for this village.
The second developmentis the road that connects to the mentioned village to the North. This development occurred between the 15 and 26 January 2011. Within this relatively short time span of 11 days an approximately 9,500m long road segment was constructed. However, this figure is only valid for the analyzed extent for which an image was available. The road bypasses Lake Abiad and is for most sections relatively straight additionally the width is between 12 and 20m which indicates the construction of a primary road.
Satellite Imagery (1, 2, 3): GeoEye-1
Resolution: 0.5m
Image Dates: 10 July 2010, 30 Sept. 2010 and 15 January 2011
Source: GeoEye
Copyright: GeoEye 2011
Satellite Image (4): WorldView-2
Resolution: 0.5m
Imagery Date: 26 January 2011
Source: DigitalGlobe
Copyright: DigitalGlobe 2011
Report Analysis: UNITAR / UNOSAT
Projection: UTM Zone 35N
Datum: WGS-84