International Charter Space and Major Disasters
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Published: 24 Aug, 2010
GLIDE: FL-2010-000141-PAK

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This is the first situational update on the status of rising flood waters surrounding the Kotri Barrage in the city of Hyderabad based on a time series of PALSAR satellite data recorded on 19 and 21 August as well as MODIS data recorded 05:40 UTC this morning (24 August 2010). Flood waters have dramatically risen over the last five days, with the largest area of flood expansion located immediately north of the Kotri Barrage on the west bank of the Indus, likely cutting the railway lines north and threatening the Jamshoro thermal power station; the second major expansion of flood waters is immediately south of the barrage, threatening the eastern section of the city of Jamshoro; within the Hyderabad itself there is an apparent intrusion of flood waters within the northern section of the city possibly affecting route N-5 north; Route N-55 is likely unaffected by flooding however route M-9 is likely flooded between the cities of Kotri and Jamshoro. This situational analysis is based on a rapid visual assessment of the current satellite data available over this area and will be revised and updated as new data becomes available; this analysis has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT. Map scale for A4: 1:200,000; Projection :UTM Zone 42N - WGS-84.
Crisis Satellite Data (1) :ALOS PALSAR (FBD HH-HV)
Resolution : 25 meters
Image Date : 19 August 2010
Source :© JAXA, METI
Satellite Data (2) :ALOS PALSAR (WB1 HH)
Resolution: 100 meters
Image Date: 21 August 2010
Source: © JAXA, METI
Crisis Satellite Data (1) :MODIS Aqua & Terra
Resolution :250 meters
Image Date :23 August 2010
Source :NASA Rapid Response
Transport Data :Google Map Maker
Transport Data Copyright: © 2009 Google - Improve with Google Map Maker
Hospital Data : WHO
Flood Analysis :UNITAR / UNOSAT