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Product ID: 1364 - English
Published: 4 Jul, 2009
GLIDE: CE-2009-999999-KEN

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This map illustrates satellite-derived transportation data (roads, air field, bridges and potential road obstacles) over the complex of three refugee camps surrounding the village of Dadaab, North-Eastern, Kenya as identified from WorldView-1 satellite imagery recorded on 9 March 2009. Transportation data layers were created and attributed according to the UN Spatial Data Infrastructure for Transport (UNSDIT) database structure, and will continue to be updated by UNOSAT as new satellite imagery becomes available. Projection : Map Scale for A3: 1:125,9000; UTM Zone 37 North; Datum : WGS 1984.
Satellite Data : WorldView1
Imagery Date : 9 March 2009
Resolution : 0.5 meters
Copyright : NextView - Digital Globe 2009
Source: US Dept. of State (HIU) - DigitalGlobe 2009
Admin Data : OCHA, UNDP
Camp Data : UNHCR
Map Production : 4 June 2009