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Product ID: 1355 - English
Published: 5 May, 2009
GLIDE: VO-2009-000076-COD

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The satellite-detected thermal anomalies on the Nyiragongo volcano are centered over the main crater and extend up to 3km along the eastern and western slopes. These thermal anomalies are likely to represent active fires and /or volcanic material on the surface of the volcano, and have been identified on six separate days over the time period 10 April to 4 May 2009. This is a preliminary assessment and has not yet been validated on the ground. Map Scale for A3: 1:185,000; Projection : UTM Zone 34 South; Datum : WGS 1984
Fire Data : MODIS Aqua - Terra (NASA)
Fire Processing : U.of Maryland, NASA
Fire Dates : 10 April - 4 May 2009
Analysis : UNOSAT
Elevation : SRTM
Satellite Imagery : Landsat 7
Imagery Date : 11 December 2001
Map Production : UNOSAT (5 May 2009)