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Product ID: 1337 - English
Published: 10 Mar, 2009

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This map illustrates damages to the sewage treatment plant located along Road Number 10, in Sheikh Ejlin area. A single impact crater (occurring sometime before 10 January 2009) to the eastern section of a holding pond (70m x150m) caused a massive outflow of sewage, moving an estimated total distance of 1.2km. The estimated area affected by the outflow is approximately 5.5 ha. An area affected by a suspected secondary flow
further west has also been marked as well as damage buildings and impact craters in the region. This analysis has been made with imagery at a reduced spatial resolution of 2 meters. Affected buildings were classified either as destroyed or severely damaged by standard image interpretation methods. Ground survey data and photos provided by UNEP from mission 30 January 2009.
Survey Photos: UNEP 30 Jan09
Satellite Image (1): QuickBird-02
Resolution: 2m (Reduced Resolution)
Imagery Dates: 16 January 2009
Copyright: Digital Globe (2008)
Satellite Image (2): WorldView-1
Resolution: 2m (Reduced Resolution)
Imagery Copyright: Digital Globe (2008)
Imagery Date: 6 & 10 January 2009
Damage Analysis: UNOSAT