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Published: 5 Jan, 2009

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This map presents a preliminary situation of the reported attacks by Israeli and Hamas forces from 25 December 2008 to 5 January 2009, within and surrounding the Gaza Strip. Damage locations have been taken exclusively from open media sources. Many recorded damage sites shown are approximate and may not represent all known incident locations.
Map scale for A3: 1:115,000
Projection: UTM Zone 36 North
Datum: WGS 1984
Satellite Data : QuickBird
Image Resolution : 14m (Browse Imagery)
Image Date : 14 June 2007
Image Copyright : Digital Globe 2008
Incident Data : AP, Reuters, BBC, AFP, YNet, NYT, Al-Jazeera, Haaretz, Jerusalem Post
Map Production : UNOSAT (5 January 2009)