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Product ID: 1294 - English
Published: 17 Nov, 2008
GLIDE: CE-2008-000211-COD

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This map presents a satellite-based damage assessment for the affected IDP Camp of Kasasa, northern section of Kiwanja Town, North Kivu Province, DRC. Damaged buildings have been identified with WorldView-1 satellite imagery acquired on 4 November 2008 at a spatial resolution of 50cm. Pre-conflict Quickbird imagery from 18 October 2008 provided by AAAS was also used. Estimates of destroyed / severely damaged IDP camp buildings and tent structures are provided in a map table. This is an initial damage assessment & has not yet been validated in the field.Map scale for A3:1:1,600;

Affected Camp Area: 67,500m2
Total Buildings/Tents Affected: 1,200 destroyed
Camp Location: -1.140S/29.440E
Satellite Data : WorldView-1
Resolution : 50 cm
Imagery Dates : 4 November 2008
Source: Eurimage/Digital Globe (2008)
Additional Imagery : QuickBird 18 October 2008
Source : AAAS
Copywrite : Digital Globe (2008)
Damage Analysis : UNOSAT
Map Production : UNOSAT