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Product ID: 1097 - English
Published: 21 Feb, 2008
GLIDE: EQ-2008-000017-COD

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Very high resolution crisis space map over Bukavu elaborated using the SPOT5 data (2.5m) crisis data acquired the 14th of February 2008 over areas affected by the 3rd of February 2008 earthquakes. This map is supplemented by an urban change layer interpreted from differences between the February 2005 Quickbird and February 2008 SPOT 5 images. The changes are annotated and are not field confirmed. The product's scale is 1/12 500.
SPOT5 imagery: CNES 2008, Distribution SPOT Image
Urban changes, roads & airport: SERTIT 2008
Toponomy & vector layers: GIST, ESRI
DEM SRTM: USGS 2000, Processing SERTIT 2008