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Product ID: 1062 - English
Published: 28 Jan, 2008
GLIDE: FL-2007-000231-BOL

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This rainfall estimate was derived from the Tropical Rainfall Monitoring Mission (TRMM) satellite precipitation dataset at a spatial resolution of approximately 25km for this region. Mean and maximum rainfall estimates (in millimeters) have been calculated for each administrative department (see map inset: top right). Additionally, the forecast rainfall accumulation for the next 7 days (coving the period: 28Jan08 - 3Feb08) is shown in the top left map inset. This forecast data was obtained from the NOAA GFS forecast model and converted at the Climate Prediction Center. This data is a spatial resolution of 37.5km. It is possible that precipitation levels have been underestimated for local areas, and is not a substitute for ground station measurements. This is a preliminary analysis and has not been validated in the field. Map Scale for A3: 1:7,000,000; Projection: Albers Equal Area; Datum: WGS 1984
Rainfall Data : TRMM (NASA)
Forecast Data : CMORPH (NOAA)
Resolution: 0.25 deg
Date Series : 1 - 25 Jan. 2008
Elevation Data: SRTM-NASA
Hydrology Data: HydroSheds (USGS)
Other GIS Data : NGA, USGS
Administrative Data: SALB (2006)
Map Production: UNOSAT (28 January 2008)