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Product ID: 1035 - English
Published: 3 Jan, 2008
GLIDE: CE-2008-000001-KEN

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This map illustrates the detected active fire locations within the Rift Valley Province in western Kenya following the national elections on 27 December 2007. These fire locations were detected by the MODIS Aqua and Terra satellites covering the time period from 27 December to 2 January 2008. An evaluation has been made of the chronology and spatial context of this data, and it is probable that a majority of detected fires (peaking on 1 January 2008) are directly or indirectly linked to the electoral civil unrest. Please note that this fire data product does not discriminate between normally-occurring fires (e.g. slash and burn agriculture) and those resulting from arson or conflict, and therefore contains a large degree of uncertainty as to the cause. Also note that this fire product has not recorded all active fires for this area because of limited duration / area affected, and because of gaps in collection on 31 December 2007 and 2 January 2008.
Fire Data : MODIS Aqua - Terra
Fire Processing: Un. of Maryland, NASA
Fire Dates: 27 Dec 2007 -2 Jan. 2008
Analysis: UNOSAT
Elevation Data: SRTM-NASA
Map Production : UNOSAT (3 January 2008)
Map Scale for A3: 1:640,000. Projection: UTM, Zone 36 South (WGS 1984)