Finance, Economics and Foreign Aid Training

Strengthening financial systems and improving economic policy decision making is a key step in ensuring that countries emerging from conflict are able to effectively obtain and use foreign aid to ensure sustainable development.

UNITAR Hiroshima has developed several programmes which enhance the knowledge and understanding of how to implement effective financial systems and processes.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of Foreign Aid Training Programmes

This programme provides exposure to best practices in implementing foreign aid strategies, as well as uniquely incorporate an examination of both European and Asian donor nation portfolios, thereby highlighting challenges and opportunities presented by respective cultural and regional scenarios.

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International Economics and Finance Training Programmes

This programme explores a systematic analysis of specific government policies in the Asia-Pacific region in order to emphasize means by which countries undergoing post-conflict reconstruction can attract foreign capital to facilitate more effective economic policy.

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Public Financial Management Training Programmes

Strengthening public financial administration is key to ensuring sustainable development. Focusing on best practices for Public Financial Management, Budget Planning Models and Revenue Management, this training programme is aimed at Chief Financial Directors.

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