Background Information

The Contract and Legal Document Writing Course presents practical key English contract drafting techniques, law, and terminology in both live, and recorded, online video-conference lessons.  

The course teaches the essential skills of writing clear documents and contracts, explaining essential legal vocabulary and phrases, including Latin and old Norman French. This is a 15-unit, interactive, online course, covering both drafting skills and the key elements of English contract law and terminology. The course includes the drafting, use and legal effect of basic contracts, non-competition and confidentiality agreements, assignments and third-party rights, guarantees, indemnities, warranties, conditions, and other contract terms. Rights, remedies, and enforceability are all covered in online lessons. The course exercises teach the techniques and vocabulary through testing and feedback.  



The course will be delivered in the following formats:  

Private: Live one-to-one classes. 

  • Video lessons with a legal expert: 15 private lessons/45 min.  
  • Homework: Twice/week following each class. 

Group: Live Broadcasts, Homework, and Conversation 

  • Video lessons with a legal expert: 15 group lessons/45 min.  
  • Homework: Twice/week following each class.  

Pre-recorded: Pre-recorded webinars 

  • Video lessons with a legal expert: 15 lessons/45 min.  
  • Homework: Inter-active quiz following each lesson. Additional exercises with feedback for US$ 99.   

Separate lessons: Pre-recorded lessons 

  • Video lessons with a legal expert: 15 lessons/45 min.  
  • Homework: Inter-active quiz.  

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to: 

  • Advise others on contract law matters; 
  • Communicate contract law concepts and information confidently and easily; 
  • Use contractual law vocabulary more accurately, concisely and effectively; 
  • Participate easily in contract meetings, telephone calls, conferences, and negotiations; 
  • Use legally correct contract law terms and English in discussions and presentations confident in their ability and knowledge. 



The live broadcast course is delivered over an 8-week period by 15 lessons of 45 minutes each, plus a further 15 hours of inter-active home exercises with individual feedback from the trainer. There is a test at the end of the 8th week to assess contract writing ability. 

The recorded version of the course covers the same material as the live broadcasts; however, each recorded lesson is immediately followed by interactive exercises on the computer, providing the results achieved but without individual feedback from the trainer. The lessons can be viewed any time up to 6 months after the purchase of the course. 

Target Audience

The trainings are not restricted to a specific target audience. Participants are required to display a required level of competence in both general English and Legal English ability, using the free tests on the British legal center’s website, before being accepted on the course. 


Participants successfully meeting the course requirements would be awarded a Certificate of Completion by the British Legal Centre, accredited by both the British Legal Centre and UNITAR.  

More information on registrations

Students will be provided a registration form and payment method for enrolling in this course. 

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