These annual courses are geared towards delegates of UN missions from the least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS) and held by UNITAR New York Office.

Seminar on the Role of Social Media and Democratic Governance

What does a culture of democratic governance look like in a world of social media? Can social media facilitate transparency and accountability? What about in such circumstances in which the government does not have the capacity to deliver public services fairly to all people? Can social media exacerbate frustration and lead a government to be less open and free in reaction to protest movements? Finally, can social media play a fundamental role in democracy education?

Through presentations by experts and interactive sessions, we want to present examples, and collect ideas and insights that can help answer these questions. Ultimately, the course will offer concrete suggestions for a more effective use of social media that consequently contributes towards effective governance. In addition, this workshop will examine the impact of social media on the UN and how it has facilitated or enhanced its role in global governance.

Climate Change and the Paris Agreement: Challenges and Expectations

This lecture aims to discuss on the implications on the agreement made in Paris: What impact this new agreement will have in the achievement of the SDGs? What challenges rise ahead for the implementation of the new climate change commitments? What efforts do countries have to face in order to mitigate and adapt climate change effects?

Workshop on the Structure, Drafting, and Adoption of United Nations Resolutions

This workshop provides training on how to go about drafting a UN Resolution, from the rules and terminology of drafting a UN Resolution to the adoption process. Participants will learn about the structure of UN resolutions and will be given a detailed introduction to resolution drafting. They will gain hands-on experience through drafting exercises. Rules and practices relating to the adoption of resolutions and decisions are also covered.

Elections to UN Organs: Workshop for Election Officers

This workshop provides of training on the principal UN Organs and elections conducted by the General Assembly for members of the other principal organs and its subsidiary organs. Participants will also learn about the rules and procedures related to elections and voting at the UN Economic and Social Council and Subsidiary Organs. The workshop also invites recent UN election officers, to share their good practice in organizing election campaigns

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