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Honorary Consuls play an increasingly important role in the international relations of many states, facilitating multiple and deep engagements with political bodies, commercial organizations, nationals located abroad and citizens of receiving states. However, they frequently do not receive the necessary support or the recognition they deserve.

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research and the IUHEI Crans Montana Institute aim to not only highlight, but also to improve the eminent role of Honorary Consuls in global diplomatic life and provide them with the tools of a real professional efficiency and the means for acquiring prestigious social recognition in addition to an in-depth understanding of their rights and duties.

UNITAR and the IUHEI Crans Montana Institute therefore created a specialized and high-level capacity building program for Honorary Consuls at the end of which successful participants will be presented with a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE.



Honorary Consuls are not always viewed as fully competent members of the diplomatic community. Therefore, the huge potential of consular instruments – offering multiple perspectives on the subject of diplomatic representation and the exercise of state sovereignty – often remains ignored and sadly underused.

Honorary Consuls hold untapped potential for enhancing the brand, image, reputation and international relevance of their sending country. Furthermore, they can play a key role in the development and the upgrading of international economic relations.

This Program aims not only to showcase how the use of Honorary Consuls for selected bilateral relations can provide fresh insights into the study of international relations and diplomacy, particularly for small and middle-size states, but will also help Honorary Consuls discover how they can extend their role in the bilateral diplomatic representation of their sending country, which is often limited due to constrained resources.

At the end of this Program the Honorary Consuls will be able to:

  • Contribute decisively to the international image of their country;
  • Perform the classical functions of consular work and citizen services;
  • Support their country’s efforts in the public, social, economic and cultural diplomacy domains;
  • Engage more visibly with different stakeholders on a local and national level;
  • Play an active role in public life and business.


This UNITAR’s training program is completely unique and original, designed to be highly informative and participatory. Activities allow for interaction with field experts, high level policy practitioners and decision makers, thereby providing participants with thorough knowledge and understanding of the topic. In addition, relevant simulation exercises permit participants to train the acquired skills and put their new knowledge into practice.

To support the learning process in the e-workshops, participants will have access to a content library, hosted on UNITAR’s e-learning platform, consisting of pre-recorded lectures by experts as well as heads of state or government, members of government, skilled diplomats and serving Honorary Consuls.

Program Schedule

The next edition of the Program will commence on January 17 to finish on February 25 2022. The sessions will be held over the course of a 6 week period, with the interactive workshops taking place at regular intervals and lasting between 2 to 3 hours each.

Week 1 

Honorary Consuls amid the global diplomatic chessboard

Week 2 

Honorary Consuls and their personal status

Week 3 

Honorary Consuls and their representative duties;

Honorary Consuls and their reputation and position in society

Week 4

Honorary Consuls and the management of their country’s image and reputation

Week 5

Honorary Consuls and the assistance to citizens abroad

Week 6

Honorary Consuls, their diplomatic role and special issues

Official Graduation Ceremony

At the end of the Program an exceptional CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE co-signed by UNITAR and the IUHEI Crans Montana Institute will be awarded to participants who completed the program components.

Program alumni are also invited to receive their CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE in a graduation ceremony to take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York or Geneva. In as far as possible, the certificates will be awarded by the Secretary General of the United Nations.


Program alumni will be invited on a permanent basis to join the World Diplomatic Academy, thus allowing them to foster close links between themselves and respected public figures during events due to take place regularly in Switzerland and elsewhere.


The World Diplomatic Academy, supported by an impressive number of outstanding public personalities, is a Swiss organization, which aims to promote and support all initiatives, actions and policies contributing to mutual understanding, exchange and cooperation while in the aftermath of the pandemic, as well as peacekeeping and conflict prevention and resolutions requiring resolutely more coherent and sustainable approaches.

The Academy undertakes to modernize and improve interstate dialogue by carrying out a profound refresh or even a real reset of the current methods of diplomacy.

The IUHEI Crans Montana Institute

The IUHEI Crans Montana Institute was established by numerous personalities to serve the top decision makers of (1) government administrations (heads of state and government, ministers and their advisors) and the (2) decision makers of national and international groups in Industry, Finance and Banking.

The Institute, which enjoys the permanent support of the Crans Montana Forum’s 35 years of experience and reputation, is a Swiss owned, based and managed institution headquartered at the heart of the Swiss Alps.


For further information and to register, please contact:


Mr. Michel Faillettaz

Secretary-General, Crans Montana Institute



For further information on UNITAR, please contact: 


Mr. Philippe Aubert


+41 (0) 79 774 71 30


For further information on the IUHEI Crans Montana Institute and the World Diplomatic Academy, please consult www.IUHEI.org   

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