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4th edition 2017

Education is the pathway to achieving the SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seem relatively straightforward to comprehend: ending poverty and hunger, reducing gender inequality, tackling climate change etc. However, how do we do it, how do we track progress, how do we adapt pre-existing national policies to achieve the 2030 Agenda?

In this edition, UNITAR showcases our dedication to quality education and learning opportunities for all. Education can foster gender equality in societies, promote sustainable economic growth, improve family health and nutrition, build peaceful and just societies, to provide just a handful of examples.

UNITAR is helping countries mainstream and implement the SDGs by joining forces with many valuable partners. Together we can achieve more.

Nikhil Seth, Executive Director

Executive Leadership Programme in Evaluation

Evaluation and leadership skills for the 2030 Agenda: first edition of the ELPE has just started

In partnership with the Claremont Evaluation Center – New York (CEC-NY), UNITAR launched this November the Executive Leadership Programme in Evaluation and the Sustainable Development Goals (ELPE).The programme aligns two crucial elements to address the 2030 Agenda properly: the capacity to lead this changing and innovative agenda and the critical role of evaluation in informing global and national leaders of the best way to achieve the 17 SDGs.


Youth Climate Dialogue with Young Somali Refugees

Taking the Youth Climate Dialogues to the Sheder refugee camp in Ethiopia

The Youth Climate Dialogues is a UN CC: Learn initiative with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) aimed at providing a platform for youth to engage in climate discussions. It is a virtual discussion where students from different parts of the world can talk to each other on how they experience and deal with climate change.


Education and The Green Economy

Transforming Lives and Lifestyles through Education and The Green Economy

As part of a programme of support provided by the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), the UN and its partners have been working with the government to think through what this ‘greening’ could mean in practice, so as to transform the economy towards greater modernity, sustainability and fairness for all.


Superheroes exist!

Breaking News: Superheroes exist!

Superheroes you may ask? Yes, they exist! They live among us, in many cases hiding their talents and their superpowers. We will therefore be looking in the places that nobody would expect them to be – in the suburbs of Medellín (Colombia) or in several other places. Still wondering who the superheroes are?


Empowering Youth to Lead on Climate Change

Empowering Youth to Lead on Climate Change

UN CC:Learn, in collaboration with UNESCO Office, Jakarta, The Climate Reality Project Indonesia and Youth for Climate Change Indonesia, with support from Office of the President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, launched the Youth Leadership Camp for Climate Change (YLCCC) 2017 initiative in Indonesia. The YLCCC supports the implementation of the National Climate Change Learning Strategy and promotes climate change education among Indonesian youth.



Online Master in Conflictology

Online Master in Conflictology

This master’s degree represents a unique opportunity to professionals working within the framework of international and regional organizations, as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions to examine conflicts in all of their dimensions and to explore innovative approaches for their management, resolution and transformation, through a network of world-leading academics and experts.


e-Tutorial on CO2 Emission Reduction in the Aviation Sector

New e-Tutorial on CO2 Emission Reduction in the Aviation Sector

A new joint effort lead to a new capacity building tool on CO2 emissions reduction from international aviation. The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have developed the e-tutorial “International Aviation: Intro to States' Action Plans to reduce CO2”.


Master Degree in the United Nations and the Art of Peace

Master Degree in the United Nations and the Art of Peace

This master’s degree focuses on the study of 70 years of UN action in the fields of peace-making, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. The degree explores the different facets of the actions undertaken in the international field to promote, preserve and defend peace. The degree intends to use the UN both as a study subject as well as a source of expertise, allowing students to better assess and comprehend peace initiatives, by profiting directly from the hindsight of the United Nations and academic experts.



UNDP and UNOSAT Join Forces

UNDP and UNOSAT Join Forces to Leverage the Power of Satellite Imagery Analysis in Support of Crisis Management

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Operational Satellite Application Programme (UNOSAT) of the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) will strengthen collaboration for the integration of geospatial technology in support of emergency and crisis response after signing a new set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


UNITAR and RACE Partner

UNITAR and RACE Partner to Establish a CIFAL Centre Dedicated to Road Safety Education and Training

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) signed a cooperation agreement for the establishment of the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Madrid (CIFAL Madrid). The partnership between UNITAR and RACE is an important step in expanding UNITAR’s efforts towards advancing road safety management capacities.


UN CC:Learn and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

New 2017-2020 Phase for UN CC:Learn Begins

UN CC:Learn Secretariat has signed a new agreement with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launching the 2017-2020 implementation phase of the One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership. We are very thankful to Swiss Government for its continuous support. During the next three years, we aim to strengthen and expand our engagement at the national and global level, contributing to the implementation of Article 6 of the UNFCCC on training, education and public awareness-raising, and the 2012-2020 Doha Work Programme.


UNITAR/FAO eCourse on “Gender-sensitive Value Chain Development”

To ensure that the growth and commercialization in the current agricultural sector do not lead to further dis-empowerment of women, and contribute instead to the sustainable development of agrifood systems, FAO and UNITAR will jointly deliver an online course on "Gender-sensitive Value Chain Development" for professionals in charge of supporting agricultural value chains and gender mainly in governments, regional organizations, international organizations, and NGOs.

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Brand awareness survey

UNITAR brand recognition and awareness survey

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is conducting a brand recognition and awareness survey with a view to improve understanding of beneficiaries' awareness of UNITAR and better orient its products and services. Your feedback is important to us. Please take 10 min of your time to answer some questions about UNITAR.

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Questionnaire sur la reconnaissance de la marque UNITAR

L'Institut des Nations Unies pour la formation et la recherche (UNITAR) mène une étude sur la reconnaissance de son identité visuelle dans le but d'améliorer la compréhension de ses bénéficiaires et de mieux orienter ses produits et services. Nous accordons de l'importance à votre opinion, c'est pourquoi nous vous demandons 10 minutes de votre temps pour répondre à ces quelques questions au sujet de l'UNITAR. 

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Encuesta sobre el conocimiento de la marca UNITAR

El Instituto de las Naciones Unidas para Formación Profesional e Investigaciones (UNITAR) lleva a cabo un estudio de imagen y marca con el fin de conocer mejor la comprensión de sus beneficiarios y orientar de mejor manera sus productos y servicios. Valoramos su opinión y le pedimos 10 minutos de su tiempo para responder a varias preguntas sobre UNITAR.

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