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Winter 2014


50 More Years of Human Empowerment

UNITAR-roll-up 2UNITAR was established in 1963 to help train young diplomats from the newly-independent States at that time. Since then, the Institute has been at the forefront of capacity building of its beneficiaries, in cooperation with its wide range of partners. After 50 years, we are continuing to serving all United Nations member states, focusing mainly on developing nations.


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We are delighted to send you the Winter 2014 Newsletter of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). In this issue, we would like to present you the achievements of 2013 and new initiatives for 2014.

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Becoming Agents of Peaceful Change - Master Degree in "Conflictology"

Looking out on a year can take many different perspectives- UNITAR’s Peacekeeping Training Programme began the year welcoming new candidates for its Master degree in "Conflictology" next June.
In addition to the Master's Degree in Conflictology, based on the needs and demand from partnering training institutions, four new training courses were developed : "Child Soldiers and Security Forces", "Youth and Peacebuilding", "Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping" and "Mission preparedness (EMDR)".

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For a More Effective Multilateral System - UNITAR Trains Diplomats and Delegates

The Multilateral Diplomacy Programme had a very full and successful 2013. The team strengthened the skills of diplomats from all over the globe in many different areas related to multilateral diplomacy and supported efforts to build a more effective multilateral system. We facilitated several workshops for Algerian diplomats in 2013, covering topics ranging from diplomatic protocol, leadership skills and the United Nations system to trainings of trainers and trainings by trainers.

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New Partnerships


UNOSAT presence in Africa is key to success in the region

unon_2 2After establishing a presence in Asia, hosted at ESCAP in Bangkok, UNOSAT has confirmed its commitment to serving African countries by establishing a presence in Nairobi. The office is hosted by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) in a partnership context that UNITAR sees as strategic in the years to come.

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speakerParticipate in the 2014 Future UN Survey!

Every two years the Ralph Bunche Institute's FUNDS project and Dalberg Research undertake a global survey of the UN's contribution to development.

The survey is available at: and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. We look forward to receiving your responses by 10 Mar 2014.


Post-2015 Development Agenda Orientation and Briefing Programme

Given the complexity and number of processes that will contribute to the development of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, UNITAR is organizing a series of interactive technical briefings for members of delegations and other government officials at the UN in New York, and later in Geneva.

The overall objective of the briefings is to strengthen knowledge for evidence-based decision making in the formulation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda to be agreed by Member States in September 2015. The first briefing will take place in New York on 20 February 2014.

The event is free and open to the delegates to the United Nations, however online or onsite registration is required.

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Dominican Republic Trains 400 Teachers on Climate Change

The National Council for Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism (CNCCMD) and The National Institute of Education and Training of Teachers (INAFOCAM) invested on 1 November 2013 more than 400 teachers who completed the Programme of Education on Climate Change for Sustainable Development, designed by UNESCO, in Santo Domingo. This training was implemented as part of the UN CC:Learn pilot project in the Dominican Republic. UN CC:Learn is a One UN initiative on climate change learning for which UNITAR is providing the Secretariat.

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Increased demand for trade and finance-related Training foreseen for 2014

PFTP 22013 was a successful year for the Public Finance and Trade Programme of UNITAR, with 54 courses delivered in the form of seminars, workshops, e-Learning courses and communities of practice. These trainings have benefitted over 2000 participants globally.The Programme’s success has been illustrated by an increasing demand for face-to-face seminars and workshops, which are in the Programme’s agenda for the year to come. More courses related to trade, public finance and intellectual property will be delivered in that form.

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Infographic of the Innovative Collaboration for Development e-Learning course

KSI 2This infographic tells the story of the Innovative Collaboration for Development e-Learning course, and zooms into its 2013 achievements.

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Online Catalogue and Virtual Learning Environment

at-mark UNITAR offers more than 400 events per year. Check out our e-Learning courses and other UNITAR events in our Online Catalogue or consult the UNITAR Virtual Learning Environment and find e-Learning courses that best address your needs.

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