International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 996 - English
Published: 27 Sep, 2007
GLIDE: FL-2007-000153-GHA

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This map illustrates the estimated population density within 5km of satellite detected flood water in Ghana, Togo and Southern Burkina Faso. Total population figures have also been estimated by province and district admin. units (levels 1 & 2). Flood water analysis was made using MODIS Terra data recorded from 12-15 September 2007. Additional pre-flood MODIS terra data from May 2007 (depicted in blue) was used in this analysis. This flood detection is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. UNOSAT is collaborating with WFP and ITHACA in support to the humanitarian operation in West Africa.
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic- WGS-84
Map Scale for A3: 1:3,000,000
Satellite Data: MODIS Terra & Aqua
Image Dates: May & Sept. 2007
Sensor Resolution: 250-500 m
Image Processing: NASA
Flood Analysis: UNOSAT
Population Data: LandScan 2004
Map Production: UNOSAT (27 Sept.07)