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Published: 19 Jan, 2022
GLIDE: VO20220115TON

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Status: Affected structures and ash deposit observed
Further action(s): Continue monitoring
Summaries findings;
Extensive damage is observed  the Mango island as of 18 January 2022 likely caused by the tsunami waves triggered by the volcanic eruption;
The main settlement of the island seems to have been washed away by the tsunami waves as of 18 January 2022;

27 structures are heavily damaged and/or destroyed;

Few structures in land seem to have not been destroyed but are likely damaged;
Vegetation of the island is affected;
Ash deposits covering entire Mango island as of 17 January 2022.

(1)Satellite Image (Post-event)
Kanopus-V : 17 Jan 2022
Resolution: 2.2 m
Copyright: © NTs OMZ, All Rights Reserved, ROSCOSMOS 2022
Kompsat-3: 18 Jan 2022 
Resolution: 70 cm
Copyright: © KARI (2021)
Copyright: KARI/KOMPSAT3
(2) Satellite Image (Pre-event)
WorldView-2 : 21 Nov 2021
Resolution: 50 cm 
Copyright: © DigitalGlobe, Inc. (2021)
Source: USGS

(3) Ancillary data
Administrative boundaries: Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Statistics for Development Division

Analysis: United Nations Satellite Centre (UNOSAT)
Production: United Nations Satellite Centre (UNOSAT)