Product ID: 3351 - English
Published: 27 Aug, 2021
GLIDE: EQ20210814HTI

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This report describes preliminary building damage analysis covering the departments of South, Grande Anse, and Nippes of Haiti, for a total area of approximately 550 Km2. A building damage analysis and a rapid assessment of transportation network conditions was conducted by comparing a series of satellite imageries acquired from the International Charter Space and Major Disasters, before and after the earthquake.
The preliminary analysis extent within South, Grande Anse, and Nippes departments identify a total of 1,842 buildings/structures with visible damages and approximately 130 locations with visible road obstacles and/or access constraints.
Damaged assessment: UNOSAT, SERTIT, and Copernicus EMS
Earthquake information: USGS
Administrative boundaries: Centre National de l'Information Géo-Spatiale (CNIGS), HDX