Product ID: 3028 - English
Published: 9 Apr, 2020
GLIDE: TC20200408FJI

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STATUS: No visible damage detected
Preliminary observations, impact and severity:
No visible structural damage in the analyzed zones of Suva city and its vicinity as of 08 April 2020;
Minor damage could have been occurred but are not visible from space over the analyzed zones as of 08 April 2020;
No major floods/inundations could be observed in the analyzed areas as of 08 April 2020.
(1) pre-event (reference) image: Bing Basemap
(2) post-event images: Worldview03, 8 April 2020, (2020) DigitalGlobe, Source: USGS/hdds
(3) baseline data
Administrative boundaries: OCHA ROP