Product ID: 2919 - English
Published: 25 Jul, 2019
GLIDE: FL20190715MMR

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This map illustrates the cumulative satellite detected surface waters in Kachin, Myanmar by using a Sentinel-1 images acquired on 16 and 18 July 2019. Over an area of about 370 km2 of lands appear to be likely flooded. By using the population data from Worldpop, total of about 34,000 people appear to have been affected by floods as of 18 July 2019. This is preliminary analysis that has not yet been validated in the field. Please send your comments to UNITAR-UNOSAT.
Satellite Data (Post): Sentinel-1
Imagery date: 16-18 July 2019
Resolution: 10 m
Copyright: Copernicus 2019 / ESA
Source: ESA
Other data: MIMU
Waterways: Open Street Map
Roads: Open Street Map