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Published: 10 Apr, 2018
GLIDE: TC20180405FJI

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KENI-18 is a tropical storm originated on the 8 April 2018 on the Pacific in the trajectory of Fiji and it became a tropical cyclone Category 3 on the 10 April 2018. KENI-18 made landfall on the 10 April 2018 over Southwest Viti Levu island and it is expected to acquire a Category 1 after the passage on the 12 April 2018.
Based on data of the expected tropical cyclone path KENI-18, wind speeds zones from Joint Research Centre (Issued on 10 April 2018 00:00 UTC), and population data from WorldPop 2015, UNITAR-UNOSAT conducted a population exposure analysis for Fiji. More than 40% of population of Fiji living inside wind speed zone of 90 km/h.
Cyclone track: Joint Research Centre (JRC) as of 10/04/2018
Wind speed zones: Joint Research Centre (JRC) as of 10/04/2018
Administrative Levels: Global Administrative Areas (GADM)
Spatial Demographic Data: WorldPop (2015), 100 m spatial resolution
Analysis: UNITAR-UNOSAT (10/04/2018)