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Published: 26 Apr, 2016
GLIDE: EQ-2016-000035-ECU

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This satellite image interpretation shows a landslide inventory map produced by the British Geological Survey. The scale of mapping was between 1:1,000 and 1:10,000 and the satellite image resolution is 0.5 m. Insets show detailed mapping. Some 475 landslides were identified in the Bahía de Caráquez area; 395 translational/falls, 9 rotational, 43 translational/rotational, and 26 dominated by liquefaction (mainly of tidal deposits). Many events occur at the top of the slope (topographic amplification). 377 landslides (79%) have no discernible impact; 41 landslides affect at least part of a road; 7 potentially affect houses. Liquefaction of tidal deposits resulted in failure of dikes in 3 locations, with dike stability affected at 15 other locations. This inventory requires field verification.
Satellite Data (1): Pleiades
Imagery Date: 19 April 2016
Resolution: 50 cm
Copyright: CNES (2016), Distribution AIRBUS DS
Source: Airbus Defence and Space
Vector Data: OpenStreetMap