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Published: 26 Apr, 2016
GLIDE: EQ-2016-000035-ECU

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This satellite image interpretation shows a landslide inventory map produced by the British Geological Survey. The scale of mapping was between 1:1,000 and 1:10,000 and the satellite image resolution is 0.5 m. Insets show detailed mapping. This area is located some 30 km north of the epicentre. Only 18 landslides were identified (at medium to low confidence) with two affecting roads and one potentially affecting a dike. The satellite image signatures of landslides and of cleared /tilled fields are very similar ? as indicated in the example in the top right inset. Field verification is therefore essential.
Satellite Data (1): Pleiades
Imagery Date: 20 April 2016
Resolution: 50 cm
Copyright: CNES (2016), Distribution AIRBUS DS
Source: Airbus Defence and Space
Vector Data: OpenStreetMap