Product ID: 1135 - English
Published: 27 Mar, 2008
GLIDE: AC-2008-000036-ALB

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This map presents a post-explosion Formosat-2 satellite image recorded 23 March 2008 over the affected 800m High Risk Zone surrounding the destroyed munitions depot. Buildings within this zone were estimated to be 240, including 16 buildings directly associated with the depot. Explosion craters have been identified as well as the primary easterly direction of the blast due to the mountains surrounding the depot on three sides. Map Scale for A3: 1:7,700; Projection : GK Zone 4; Datum : Albanian 1987.
Satellite Data : Formosat 02
Imagery Date : 23 March 2008
Image Resolution : 2 meters
Image Copyright : NSPO 2008
Road Data : National Mapping Agency
Map Production : UNOSAT (27 March 2008)