Product ID: 1004 - English
Published: 31 Oct, 2007
GLIDE: TC-2007-000198-DOM

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This map illustrates the approximate track of tropical storm 'Noel' and the estimated population density (2004) over the affected provinces in the Dominican Republic. Population density (LandScan) has been estimated for 2004 and produced by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field.
Map Scale for A2: 1:1,000,000
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Datum: WGS 1984
Map Production: UNOSAT (31 Oct. 2007)
Population Data....... LandScan 2004
GIS Data ............. NOAA, NGA, GIST
Bathymetry Data ...... GEBCO