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"Building a Culture of Peace: the Short-term Priorities"


Steven Lloyd Leeper was appointed the Chairperson of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation in 2007. He holds an MA in clinical psychology from West Georgia University (1957). In 2003 he became a Special Advisor of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation. From 2002 he has also been the US representative of the Mayors for Peace, a non-governmental organization. Mr. Leeper was Co-president of Transnet Ltd., a translation and consulting company based in Hiroshima since 1986. He won the 2nd prize in the Japanese-English category in the Babel Translation Contest in 1988, and was editor of a monthly periodical for Americans working in Japanese companies.


Roundtable Topic

What is the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation?

How did it happen that an American came to be its chairman?

What are Mayors for Peace and the 2020 Vision Campaign?


One of the leading anti-nuclear campaigning organizations in the world today is an organization that is directly controlled by two municipalities. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are strongly committed to the anti-nuclear cause, and the challenge is to find ways to align the strengths of local government with those of peace activists so as to communicate a more powerful message about the threats of nuclear annihilation.


How does the long-term goal of graduating from a war culture to a peace culture relate to the short-term goal of preventing the use of any nuclear weapon and eliminating them all by 2020? Part of the challenge lies in clearly defining what peace culture is and another part lies in getting peace people to fight for peace.