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Geneva is the capital of multilateral diplomacy and one of the busiest conference centres in the world. The city gathers more international civil servants than New York. It is a perfect location to foster a vibrant public debate on the complex challenges the international community is facing and on how to make the world a better place to live.

The Geneva Lecture Series brings awareness of pressing global challenges to the concerned public and civil society in Geneva and beyond, with a focus on how each individual can contribute to resolve such challenges. It also offers an intellectual anchor for the work of the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva and a mechanism to channel current thinking and research into policy-making.

The Geneva Lecture Series is unique in that, although the lectures are organized and hosted by the United Nations, they are open not only to the diplomatic community but also to anyone who is interested in and concerned with the topics discussed.

It is a unique platform that serves to raise awareness on specific global challenges and deepen and broaden the participation of citizens and civil society at large in the on-going diplomatic and inter-governmental processes.

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