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Frontier Diplomacy

Multilateral Diplomacy
Deadline: 14 Apr 2019
Web Based
15 Apr 2019 to 26 May 2019
Duration of event:
6 Weeks
Programme Area:
Multilateral Diplomacy
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There is now a broad consensus that mankind is on the brink of a new era. Rapid technological and scientific advances threaten to fundamentally alter the way human beings live and work, encountering and sometimes already transcending new frontiers.

These astounding developments become increasingly intertwined with the area of international affairs. More than ever before, traditional forms of diplomacy are under pressure to incorporate and adapt to the newest technological and scientific changes.

Frontier Diplomacy is UNITAR’s conceptualization of these new challenges. The concept explores the nexus between diplomacy and areas of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, scientific advancements, digitalization, internet governance and other significant frontier issues.  

Given the urgent need for the involved actors to tackle these challenges and make most of its opportunities, UNITAR designed a programme to offer its participants an in-depth training on the various areas of frontier issues and their nexus to diplomacy .

Its overarching purpose is to equip the involved actors with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for their successful operations with frontier issues. The programme further intends to raise awareness about frontier diplomacy in the international community.

It lastly aspires to build up a knowledge hub, bringing both experts and policy-practitioners together to keep on track of newest developments. This will be done through the UNITAR alumni platform, in which a separate chapter for all participants worldwide will be established.

In our rapidly changing world, diplomats and governments can no longer afford to stay behind. The first edition of the e-Learning course on frontier diplomacy will provide them with competitive edge and all necessary knowledge to effectively navigate in the area of frontier issues.

The e-Learning course serves the purpose of providing a broad overview on frontier diplomacy and thereby preparing the participants for the challenges and opportunities in this field. It is 6 weeks of length and the materials will be made available on UNITAR’s e-Learning platform.

The course’s required reading material will be supported by multimedia items, assessment quizzes, and a wealth of other information. It will also feature discussion boards, which are facilitated by several moderators with broad experience in the field. The course will contain the following modules:


- Module 1 – The Neoteric Diplomat                

- Module 2 - Digital Diplomacy                                  

- Module 3 - Cybersecurity                                

- Module 4 - Artificial Intelligence

- Module 5 - Internet Governance

- Module 6 - Science Diplomacy

The first edition of the e-Learning course on frontier diplomacy is aimed at introducing the concept to the wider public and raising awareness of the present and upcoming related challenges and opportunities facing diplomats and international affairs professionals.

For this reason, the Frontier Diplomacy Training Programme is primarily geared towards diplomats from any government’s foreign ministry. These can also include other government officials, and participants from the broader diplomatic community, including from the private sector, civil society or academia.   

In order to stay abreast of quickly changing landscape, each edition of the course will be evaluated and adapted to the newest pressing issues in the field. In the long run, the course will also be complemented by high-level panels, interactive discussions and a master degree.

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