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E-workshop on Negotiation Skills

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E-workshop on Negotiation Skills

Multilateral Diplomacy
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Web Based
15 Sep 2020 to 17 Sep 2020
Duration of event:
3 Days
Programme Area:
Multilateral Diplomacy
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This interactive online workshop taking place during three consecutive half days is meant to provide information and knowledge on the topic Negotiation, covering various skills and techniques. 

It aims at improving participants’ analytical and interpersonal skills in their continual negotiations to make sure they do first things first. It is important to prepare before action, especially when strong coalitions and consensus are needed, and to improve the quality of relationships, before any other action. Negotiating the process and agenda is needed before dealing with problems and issues. In a meeting, negotiators must also communicate effectively, and use effective listening before speaking, asking relevant questions before presenting persuasive arguments. They also need to identify common platforms with others, before they express their own demands. In other words, participants will become more aware of how they behave in negotiation contexts, and whether or not they should behave the same way, or differently. 

The e-workshop will take place at 13.00-17.00 (CET) for the three days (approximately 12 training hours total).

This e-workshop will take place at 13.00-17.00 CEST from 15-17 September 2020 and will discover different themes of Negotiation. All participants will take part in highly interactive exercises in order to further enhance the participants’ understanding of the topic.

Nearly all decisions in international politics are the result of negotiations. The premise of this e-workshop is that most these negotiations are variable-pie situations, rather than zero-sum games. This means that negotiators may be able to reach solutions that ʺcreate valueʺ for all parties involved and are substantially better than mere compromises.

The course is highly interactive and allows participants to develop not only knowledge, but also practical skills and a helpful negotiation mindset. It draws heavily on real life negotiation examples from the world of international affairs and diplomacy to showcase how theoretical learnings can be translated into practice.

This e-workshop will take place on the platform Zoom and will be facilitated by an expert on the theme during three half days. The material presented in the workshop will be interactive and possible assignments will be given for participants to further advance their knowledge.  

Participants successfully completing the e-workshop will be awarded a certificate of participation. 

The course is open for anyone with an interest to discover and gain more knowledge about the selected topic. No prior knowledge or skills are needed to participate. 

Please note that there are limited spots available for this e-workshop. 

Technical Requirements 

UNITAR will not provide refunds for customers who face technical issues beyond UNITAR's direct control. UNITAR recommends that all prospective participants test Zoom for free at prior to confirming their payment.  

Basic system requirements: 

  • Stable internet connection 
  • Speakers and a microphone  
  • A webcam or HD webcam  
  • Or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card 

Please see further information about all technical requirements for participating in this e-workshop here:

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