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2021 UNITAR Youth Ambassador Programme in Japan

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2021 UNITAR Youth Ambassador Programme in Japan

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25 Jul 2021 to 24 Oct 2021
Duration of event:
3 Months
Programme Area:
Local Development, Youth empowerment
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UNITAR Association (Japanese National Comittee), NEC, Hiroshima prefecture, H&M, UNITE, UNISC
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With the ever-increasing pace of globalization, the world is becoming more complex day by day. We are facing many challenges, such as climate change, financial crisis, and even a pandemic, on a scale that humankind has not yet faced before.

On International Youth Day 2018, the UN Secretary-General emphasized the power of Youth and made the importance of tapping into the potential of youth, not in some distant future, but today. Young people is a significant force who translate the SDGs into local, national, and regional societies. The UN Youth Strategy insists on the role of the UN to increase engagement, participation, and advocacy of youth and amplify their voices for the promotion of a peaceful and sustainable world.

The Youth Ambassador Programme started in 2010 by the UNITAR Hiroshima Office. The Programme offers an opportunity for the Hiroshima youth to develop a unique insight into global affairs and engage with the international community. Every cycle in the past 11 years, the programme content has varied depending on the social context and learning needs of the year. 

This year, 2021, the world is still facing a major challenge - the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected people's livelihood in almost all corners of the world. Social practices, business structures, communication modalities have been forced to adapt rapidly. To cope with new global challenges as such, young advocates need to strengthen their capa[AH3] bilities, reinforce their voices and increase the reach and impact of global youth movements which they are building.


The UNITAR  Youth Programme aims to deepen the student's understanding of global issues and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), equip them with the skills of initiating and driving their projects, and allow them to connect globally with international experts and other young activists. Enhancing future career opportunities and empowering the YAs with the abilities to create a better world as actors on the global stage is the goal of this programme.

The programme will select 24 students from high schools in Hiroshima.


Each student group will develop[AH6]  an action plan for one target of SDG: Goal 1 (No poverty), Goal 4 (Quality Education), Goal 13 (Climate change), or Goal 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institute).

To make students aware of themselves as significant drivers of the world, UNITAR will encourage them to apply their projects for domestic/international youth idea competitions that relate to SDGs.


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Enhancing future career opportunities and empowering the YAs with the abilities to create a better world as actors on the global stage is the goal of this programme.  

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

Acquire the basic knowledge and good practices of SDGs
Acquire presentation skills required in a global society. (e.g. English skill, Understanding diverse ideas/culture etc)
Obtain a worldwide view through the communications with UNITAR staff and the exchange sessions with Youth Ambassadors in Hong Kong
Build a network with Japanese/worldwide experts who are the front runners supporting SDGs’ achievement
Build a  network in Hiroshima Prefecture that connect schools from different cities and districts.

UNITAR will offer the customised trainings in line with the current COVID-19 situations. Both Self-paced training and Live-online trainings will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for accelerating the achievement of SDGs. Overall, the methodology includes the following components:

  1. EdApp courses – overview of UN, SDGs, Goal 1, 4, 13, 16
  2. Interactive workshops with experts
  3. SDGs project’s design
  4. Group Discussions, interim presentations, and peer-review
  5. Coaching and mentoring
  6. Project Presentations
  7. Exchange sessions with Youth Ambassador Hong Kong

24 high school students from the various areas of Hiroshima Prefectures. The ratio of male and female should be equal.

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